Tax & Financial Incentives in Connecticut

Pre-Seed Financing Program

Connecticut Innovators (CI) provides pre-seed financing to businesses for the development of proof of concepts and support services. Financial assistance shall not exceed $150,000 per business. An eligible business must: a) be principally located in CT with not less than 75% of its employees working in state; and b) demonstrate private investment dollars not less than 50 cents for every dollar of financial assistance sought from the program.


For more information, visit Connecticut Innovations.

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This credit is for angel investors with $25,000 or more cash investment in a qualified CT business. The credit equals 25% of the investor’s cash investment. Total credits cannot exceed $250,000 for any investor. The credit must be claimed in same the taxable year a... Learn More
The $200 million CT Bioscience Innovation Fund, administered by CT Innovations (CI), provides focused financial assistance to start-ups, early-stage businesses, nonprofits, and accredited colleges and universities. Investments from the fund, in the form of grants, equity investments and loans, help to commercialize bioscience breakthroughs.   For mor... Learn More
The CT Office of Brownfield Remediation and Development designs a custom solution for each site. This may include financial aid, liability relief, technical support and project management, and comprehensive permitting assistance and inter-agency coordination.   For more information, visit the Connecticut Department of Economic & Community Development. Learn More
COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY ASSESSED CLEAN ENERGY (C-PACE) is an innovative financing model that will allow building owners across the state to access cleaner, cheaper and more reliable energy. C-PACE allows interested property owners to access financing to make qualifying energy efficiency and clean energy improvement... Learn More
CONNECTICUT INNOVATIONS (CI) is the leading source of financing and ongoing support for Connecticut’s innovative, growing companies, especially in bioscience and high technology. One of the most active strategic venture capital organizations on the East Coast, CI also provides expertise in management, product development, marketin... Learn More
CT GREEN BANK is the first of its kind in the U.S. It accelerates the deployment of clean energy by using limited public dollars to attract private capital investment in clean energy projects.   Learn more at Learn More
CTNEXT is Connecticut’s innovation ecosystem, equipping start-ups and entrepreneurs with resources, guidance and networks to accelerate growth and success.   Learn more at Learn More
A new law allows the Department of Economic Community Development (DECD) to enter into incentive agreements with qualified data centers for 20-30-year terms depending on size and location of the data center. This includes sales and use tax exemptions for goods and services purchased b... Learn More
Eligible production companies can receive a tax credit on a sliding scale up to 30% on qualified digital media and motion picture production, pre-production and post-production expenses incurred in the state, up to $1 million or more.   For more information, visit the Connecticut Department of Economic &... Learn More
This program accelerates high-quality private-sector job growth in Connecticut by allowing companies that locate or expand in distressed municipalities or opportunity zones to qualify for a 50% rebate based on the employees' income, while companies located in municipalities that do not have these designations ca... Learn More
Eligible businesses in eligible communities may qualify for: A 5-year, 80% abatement of local property taxes on qualifying real estate and personal property that is the direct result of a business expansion or renovation project. A 10-year, 25% credit on that portion of the corporate business ta... Learn More
DECD’s traditional loan tool offers direct financial assistance via low-interest loans for projects with strong economic development potential. Funding may be provided to any economic-based industry. The funds may be used for machinery and equipment, construction/leasehold improvements, inventory, relocation, training and other eligible project relate... Learn More
We support the growth, innovation and progress of the advanced manufacturing sector through the $75 million MIF. The MIF invests in loans and grants for business, industry and competitive initiatives to support CT’s manufacturers.   For more information, visit the Connecticut Department of Economic & Community Development. Learn More
Connecticut Innovators (CI) can act as a conduit for a sales and use tax exemption for the company’s anticipated qualifying capital equipment and/or construction materials. This exemption relieves the company and/or the developer from the state’s 6.35% sales tax, up to the CI Board-approved amount... Learn More
The Small Business Express Program provides loans and grants to small businesses to support job creation and retention, encourage private investment and increase skill development. To be eligible, small businesses must be: a) registered to conduct business for not less than 12 months; b) I... Learn More
This program allows for a dollar-to-dollar corporate tax credit up to 100% of capital investment on eligible projects with a min. investment of $5 million in distressed communities and $50 million in all other communities. The credits can be used over 10 years (see below table)... Learn More