Connecticut is Leading the Way in Offshore Wind Energy

Connecticut is home to a burgeoning offshore wind industry, invigorated by the state’s commitment to achieve net-zero carbon electricity by 2040. A commitment to environmental protection and sustainability, combined with a history of advanced manufacturing, uniquely positions Connecticut to provide industry support services and serve as a launchpad for offshore wind projects throughout the Northeast.


  • Business Facilities Magazine ranks Connecticut 5th in the United States for Offshore Wind Power. (2020)
  • Connecticut’s ambitious climate policy includes reducing greenhouse gasses by 45% by 2030 and achieving net zero carbon electricity by 2040 – one of the most ambitious climate goals in the U.S.
  • Connecticut was ranked #7 in the nation for energy efficiency policies and program efforts in terms of energy saving targets, vehicle rules, and appliance standards (American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy)
  • Connecticut is #8 in the U.S. for science and engineering doctorates in the workforce. (National Science Foundation, 2018)
  • Connecticut has the #1 lowest impact on climate change in the U.S. out of all 50 states. (WalletHub, 2021)


Revolution Wind - This 50/50 joint venture between Connecticut-based Eversource and Ørsted will provide the state with 304MW of offshore wind power. Located 32 miles southeast of the Connecticut coast and 12 miles southwest of Martha’s Vineyard, the project is expected to be fully operational in 2025 and will include supply chain and workforce development for the growing offshore wind industry in Connecticut.

Park City Wind - A Vineyard Wind project named after the City of Bridgeport, CT where it’s based, is an 804MW offshore wind project to be constructed in Vineyard Wind’s federally designated lease area located 23 miles off the coast of Massachusetts on the outer continental shelf in the midst of the strongest winds on the east coast. Vineyard Wind is investing hundreds of millions of dollars in Connecticut for years to come to realize a range of infrastructure improvements and community programs.


The Connecticut Port Authority has been directed to make generational improvements to transform the State Pier in New London into a state-of-the-art heavy-lift capable port facility that will accommodate a wide variety of cargoes, including wind turbine generator staging and assembly, while maintaining its freight rail link. $77.5 million of this $157 million public-private partnership will be invested by Revolution Wind. Construction is expected to be completed by August 2022.

Vineyard Wind is redeveloping an 18.3-acre waterfront industrial property in Bridgeport known as Barnum Landing that will host hundreds of local workers hired to do critical foundation transition piece steel fabrication and final outfitting. This redevelopment will build valuable Connecticut-based offshore wind capabilities along with a trained workforce prepared for future offshore wind projects. Bridgeport will be home to Park City Wind’s operations and maintenance hub for the 25+ years of the project which will bring many longterm offshore wind support jobs to southwestern Connecticut.